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Get FOCUSED, Get Moving, Get FINISHED.

Serving Doctoral of Nursing Practice Students to help you Accentuate your Academic Voice.


You have a voice on your DNP journey – let me mentor you and tailor the voice academically. I have focused on helping students move in spite of the narratives they may have been given.

As a former DNP program chair, and as a DNP project chair who has successfully directly helped 400+ students with their DNP projects, I want to help take you through to understand the nuances of the DNP program and DNP project. While you have formal chairs and committee members attached with you on your journey, you sometimes need someone from the outside who can give you insight, someone to relax and talk about the process and the project, and someone who can help you keep it moving focused, and finish faster.


Dr. Cleveland hails from Rochester Hills, MI. She received her Ph.D. from Capella University with Magna Cum Laude distinction, MSN from Wayne State University, and BSN from Grand Valley State University. She is a Certified Nurse Educator (NLN) and is also a nationally certified personal fitness trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and certified group fitness trainer through (NETA).


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I am so thankful for taking my DNP journey with Dr. Cleveland's guidance. She  prepared me as a nurse educator and a nurse leader who has contributed to the advancement of the nursing profession.

- Dr. Nichola Watkins

Dr. Keisha Spivey.jpg

Special thanks to Dr. Sandra Cleveland for coaching me through the dissertation process.

Your encouragement and experience were exactly what I needed to finish strong!

- Keisha B. Spivey, DMin, MDiv, MA

Abimbola Adeyemi.jpg

My gratitude goes to my chairperson, Dr. Cleveland, for her professional and skillful guidance in my doctoral journey and, most importantly, for continually reminding me to breathe, you’re much appreciated.

- Abimbola Adeyemi, DNP



Working from Home

Goal: Is coaching appropriate for your situation?

Answer: Free 20 minute consultation
Let’s determine where you currently stand, determine the assessment of fit, and discuss how a potential partnership would be crafted for your needs.

Notepad on Desk

Goal: Need dedicated time with a DNP Coach?

Answer: 6-mth "group" DNP Coaching Sessions  - $449/mth for 6 mths.

You want progress and accountability to push you forward on your DNP/Ph.D. project? I partner with you and provide feedback, weekly zoom sessions, and a customized plan of action.

Collaborating at Work

Goal: Need to craft your PICO(T) question, purpose statement, and research design?

Answer: Individual 2-hour coaching session - $599

You and I partner to create your DNP project proposal roadmap. This is where a lot of time is lost – learning to align these components will help you speak coherently about your topic idea to your DNP Chair and gain quicker results to DNP Project topic approval.


One Time Rate

Lifetime of the Doctoral Nurse Program Enrollment*


Think of me as your unofficial committee member!** I will work with you throughout your DNP journey and be your accountability partner.

*3 year time limit 

**Please note that ethical coaching is applied. The completion of the DNP Program and Project is done by you -- I do not write on your behalf. 


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